Policies & Procedures

This guide is meant to serve as a resource during your event planning process.
We understand that special requests, needs and unforeseen circumstances may arise.
Please contact a Gopher Sports Spaces team member with any questions or concerns.


We are here for you! Our team will work with you to confirm, plan and execute your event. Please don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated special events team member with any questions or for additional information.

  • Dana Nelson, Premium Services & Special Events Manager
  • Lindsay Schutter, Premium Services & Special Events Manager


Addresses are listed below for your planning purposes:

  • TCF Bank Stadium – 420 SE 23rd Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55455
  • Mariucci Arena – 1901 4th Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455
  • Williams Arena – 1925 University Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55455
  • Sports Pavilion – 1925 University Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55455

Ask your dedicated special events team member for directions, maps and additional information on rates, space capacities, set-up limitations, furniture, available enhancements, etc.


Gopher Sports Spaces venue administrative offices open each business day (Monday-Friday) at 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM CST. Closing hours depend on the venue event schedule. The University is closed on most major holidays.


  • EVENT COORDINATOR / SUPERVISOR – A Gopher Sports Spaces team member will serve as your primary coordinator contact throughout the event planning and execution process. An event supervisor will be on-site to assist with all of your needs on event day.
  • SITE VISITS – Gopher Sports Spaces venues are available during select times for site visits and meetings. We strongly recommend scheduling a walk-through with your event coordinator during the planning process to discuss logistics and other details.
  • FLOOR PLANS / LOGISTICS – Floor plans and logistics must be finalized at least one week (five business days) prior to your event. Non-standard furniture needs will be subject to additional charges (see Freestyle Productions, Inc. information, page 14). Additional fees may apply for set-up or logistical changes unless licensee notifies Gopher Sports Spaces coordinator at least five business days in advance. Floor plan and logistical change requests cannot be guaranteed within five business days of the event.
  • PREFERRED VENDORS – Gopher Sports Spaces partners with several preferred vendors for a variety of services, including catering, hotel accommodations, audio-visual/production, décor, photography, transportation, floral, wedding planning, etc. Please contact your event coordinator for a preferred vendors list and for more information.
  • EVENT ENHANCEMENTS Hosting your event at a Gopher Sports Spaces venue is guaranteed to be a unique experience! Please ask your representative for information on a variety of enhancements such as facility tours (see tours page 16), use of stadium Daktronics 108 x 48-foot HD stadium video board (see Daktronics page 14), photo shoots, appearances and more!
  • WEDDINGS – TCF Bank Stadium is the perfect venue to host the wedding of your dreams! Wedding packages are available and designed to help minimize costs and simplify your planning process. The Gopher Sports Spaces team will provide a coordinator to assist with the venue planning services. Full service wedding planning recommendations can be provided by request. Additional packages are also available for bar / bat mitzvahs.


Once your event has been confirmed with our sales office, a facility use agreement (or internal reservation form) will be provided to confirm date/time/location and other pertinent information. Please thoroughly review the facility use agreement, including the required insurance, deposit fee, expense estimate and cancellation policy. Acceptance of the outlined fees, policies, terms and other obligations is acknowledged and agreed to by the contract signor’s signature on the facility use agreement. The contract signor will need to return the signed agreement by the specified due date with the required deposit and insurance to guarantee your reservation. Event expenses and any additional fees incurred will be invoiced post-event. The University maintains the right to require a full payment deposit, including anticipated expenses, prior to the event based on previous payment history.

Requested revisions to the facility use agreement must be approved by the University Office of General Counsel. Contact your special events coordinator for assistance. Fully executed copies of the contract are available upon request.

  • INTERNAL RESERVATIONS – University departments and select student groups conducting official University business / sanctioned events will be required to complete an internal reservation form to schedule an event. Due to University liability requirements, third-party events sponsored by University departments do not fall under this category.

  • EXPENSE ESTIMATE (EXHIBIT B) - An expense estimate, detailed in Exhibit B of the facility use agreement, will be provided (also provided with internal reservation forms). The cost estimate is based on initial needs and requests and is subject to change throughout the planning process. The actual expenses, including wages and benefits, expenses and fees incurred by University for providing various products and services, will be billed following the event.

  • BILLING / PAYMENT - Payments can be made by check or credit card – checks are payable to University of Minnesota. Tax exempt clients should provide a valid ST3 form confirming your Minnesota tax exempt status for our records. Applicable tax will be included if this document is not provided. Final payments are due within 30 days of receipt of invoice, following the event.

  • INSURANCE (not applicable for Internal Reservations) - At least thirty (30) days prior to the event, licensee shall provide a certificate of insurance or other acceptable evidence showing insurance coverage as indicated below (facility use agreement section 9):

    • Licensee’s policy of Commercial General Liability Insurance – $1,000,000 per occurrence
    • Proof that licensee has purchased event liability insurance (individual) – $1,000,000 per occurrence. Licensee may purchase from the insurer of its choice or at the following address: http://urmia.bene-marc.com.
    • State and other governmental agencies that are self-insured shall provide a letter stating that fact and the coverage limits for such insurance on departmental letterhead.
    • Evidence of coverage shall be written by insurance companies with an A.M. Best rating of A-VII or better that are licensed to do business in the State of Minnesota. INSURANCE SHALL NAME REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA AS ADDITIONAL INSURED AND INCLUDE THE EVENT DATE, INCLUDING APPLICABLE LOAD-IN AND OUT DATES.
    • A sample insurance form is available upon request.
  • ALCOHOL USE APPLICATION – The University Office of Risk Management requires an alcohol use form to be completed and submitted at least 15 days in advance of your event for the sale and/or service of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol service must end 30 minutes prior to the event end time (no later than 11:30 pm). The licensee shall complete and submit this form with the required certificate of insurance (if applicable) for approval. Your event representative will provide the form and additional information.

  • SALES PERMITS / SAMPLING – A sales permit is required to authorize retail sales during an event. Sales may be conducted only within the area of the facility designated by the University. No merchandise bearing the name, logo or marks of the University of Minnesota shall be offered for sale unless manufactured and distributed pursuant to valid licenses from University. The sale of food or beverage will require a completed Food Permit issued by University of Minnesota Department of Health and Safety. Additional information will be provided with the sales permit. Licensees interested in sampling food and/or beverages during an event must adhere to University, City and State regulations and policies without exception. Additional information will be provided if applicable.

  • STANDARDS AND PRACTICES –To protect the health, welfare and safety of guests and visitors, the University of Minnesota Building Code Division regulates facility use/layouts and may require permits for select activities and facility/equipment needs. In addition, the University of Minnesota Department of Health and Safety requires certain standards and practices that must be adhered to for applicable events.


  • EVENT SCHEDULING POLICY – To assure sufficient time for planning, staffing and execution, we request that event reservations be made at least 30 days in advance and no more than one year in advance. Event reservation requests will be accepted up to two weeks (10 business days) in advance of your event, but will be subject to a surcharge. Event reservation requests made within a two week period prior to your event cannot be guaranteed and will require approval by facility management and other pertinent personnel.

  • ROOM CAPACITIES AND GUARANTEES – The spaces reserved have capacity limits: if the number of guests change and the room is no longer large enough or is too large, Gopher Sports Spaces will work with the Licensee to make alternative spaces available and to adjust the charges accordingly. It is the Licensee’s responsibility to notify Gopher Sports Spaces of changes in the number of attendees with respect to any function. It is up to the discretion of Gopher Sports Spaces personnel that if proper notice is not received within 10 business days of the event, accommodations may not be available. If no change is received, the original number expected will be used for the setup.

  • MULTI-USE VENUES / CHANGES IN VENUE SCHEDULE - Gopher Sports Spaces venues are home to multiple sports teams including Gopher football, basketball and hockey. In addition, the Golden Gopher Marching Band, University Department of Recreational Sports and multiple departments within the University utilize these venues on a priority basis for practice, competitions, camps, classes, etc. throughout the year. Occasionally, the University entertains and grants requests to host large-scale concerts and events on campus, including TCF Bank Stadium and other Gopher Sports Spaces venues. Our multi-use facilities may only be booked for events one year in advance.

    If there is an unforeseen change in the venue schedule which conflicts with your event, we will work with licensee in advance to determine a date that is acceptable to accommodate both the Licensee and University of Minnesota Athletics Department. If the Licensee and University cannot agree on a solution that works for both parties, all monies paid to the University minus the event expenses that have been incurred will be reimbursed.

    There may be multiple events hosted in a Gopher Sports Spaces venue simultaneously. Lobbies serve as a common space managed by the facility staff. Depending on the event schedule, security and/or guest services personnel may be required to assist with crowd management at an additional cost to the licensee.

  • EVENT CONFIRMATION – Event dates and spaces will only be confirmed after receiving the following from the Licensee by the specified deadlines:

    • Signed / Dated Facility Use Agreement or Internal Reservation Form
    • Certificate of Insurance (if applicable) – Regents of Univ. of MN additional insured
    • Deposit or EFS Account Number

    The Gopher Sports Spaces sales coordinator and event representative will work with licensee to obtain this information. If the required documents/payments are not received at least 30 days in advance of your event date, the event may be cancelled at the discretion of the University.

  • EVENT CANCELLATION - Licensee acknowledges that, except for an event of Force Majeure (defined in facility use agreement), a cancellation of the event is a breach of Licensee’s use agreement obligation. If a cancellation occurs after this agreement is signed by University and Licensee, Licensee will provide a written cancellation notice and pay a cancellation fee (in addition to the deposit) according to the schedule outlined in the facility use agreement/internal reservation form.

  • GAME DAY– Gopher Sports Spaces are not available for use on home game days. Adjacent venues are available for receptions, meetings and/or pre-game events on game days (peak rates apply). TCF Bank Stadium availability is limited on home game Fridays and is not available on Sundays following home football games.

  • HOLIDAYS – If the event occurs on a University holiday, licensee will be charged a peak / time and a half rental rate and any additional expenses that may be incurred.

  • RIGHT OF REFUSAL - The University will not enter into use agreements for the use of its property for events or programs by non-University entities whose primary purpose for the request is the sale, solicitation or promotion of goods or services, adult entertainment, gambling. The University reserves the right to refuse to enter to an agreement at its discretion.


Minors or children under the age of 18 attending an event must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Chaperone requirements are one adult per 10 children.


The University is not responsible for loss of or damage to any personal property of Licensee, its guests, agents, employees or invitees, brought into the Facility or onto University property in connection with the event. The University has the right to remove, replace, place in storage or dispose of any such personal property left in the facility or elsewhere on University property following the event at the Licensee’s sole expense.


Licensee shall return possession of the facility to University at the conclusion of the event in the same good condition as on the initial date of possession by Licensee. Any damage or loss to the venue property or equipment shall be reported immediately to facility or event personnel. Licensee is responsible for damage or loss to the facility, equipment or property by agents, service contractors, employees, guests, participants, vendors, exhibitors or those connected with the event (includes load-in/out) and shall reimburse University for excessive cleaning costs and all expenses incurred for repairs or replacements. It is encouraged to schedule a walk-through to verify the condition of the space/s utilized prior to the event.


Licensee shall not use the name, logo or any other marks owned by or associated with the University without written permission of University except for the limited purpose of identifying event location in advertising or other notices. A disclaimer is required for all material promoting, publicizing or advertising the event (print media, photo, video or web-based) -- disclaimer is outlined in the facility use agreement.


Licensee shall acknowledge that University is a party to certain exclusive contracts and agrees to obtain the prior written approval of University with respect to third-party advertising and sponsorships for the event (e.g. Coca-Cola). Advertising, promotion or ticket sales for any event are not permitted prior to Licensee’s execution of the facility user agreement.
Advertising inventory in and around Gopher Sports Spaces venues is managed by Gopher Sports Properties, a division of Learfield Sports. If you are interested in advertising and promotional opportunities, please contact the Gopher Sports Properties office at 612.625.9421.


Licensee will be permitted to display and decorate pending facility approval. Standard guidelines include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Decorations may not be stapled, taped, adhered or nailed into any walls, windows, doors or ceilings. Approved painters tape may be used to hang certain signage with prior approval from facility management.
  • Helium-inflated balloons are not allowed (air-inflated balloons are permitted).
  • Display banners, posters and signs should be self-contained or displayed on easels.
  • Large scale banners, décor and/or signage may be displayed with prior approval within the reserved space. These items should be provided at least one week prior to the event for installation by facility personnel.
  • Glitter, sparklers, confetti, streamers or similar items are not permitted.
  • Open flames / non-enclosed candles are not permitted.
  • Exterior signage or advertising promoting Licensee, event or event sales is not permitted.
  • Décor and signage shall not cover Exit signs.
  • Permanent facility signage may not be altered, covered or removed.
  • Licensee will be responsible for the removal and proper disposal of all user signage and décor at load-out immediately following event.
  • The University maintains the right to remove or prohibit unauthorized or improper signage or décor at its discretion.
  • Fog/Haze/Pyrotechnics are not permitted in certain areas of the venue and require permitted, insured and licensed technicians. Proper approval and prior written consent from facility management is mandatory.
  • The use of heavy/industrial tape on the carpeted areas is prohibited. If taping is necessary on this surface, gaffer’s tape must be utilized.
  • Floor protective measures may be required to avoid damage due to liquid displays, heavy materials, vehicle load-in/out, etc. (ex. plywood, tarp, carpet).
  • Display vehicles, trucks and / or carts carrying heavy equipment/displays may be required to utilize wheel covers to protect concrete from marking and damage.

Damage, additional cleaning, tape/residue removal and/or labor services resulting from improper use of décor, vehicles and signage will be billed to Licensee.


All events with catering needs must select a caterer from the list of preferred vendors. Caterers must adhere to all federal, state and local laws with regards to food and beverage purchase and consumption. Your event coordinator will provide a list of approved caterers.

The University Office of Risk Management requires an alcohol use form to be completed and submitted at least 15 days in advance of your event for the sale and/or service of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol service must end 30 minutes prior to the event end time (no later than 11:30 pm) and any remaining food shall not be taken from the premises.

Alcoholic beverages must be procured by licensed caterer and/or University. Donated alcoholic beverages are not permitted at licensed University facilities.

Licensee is responsible for securing linen service as required for standard banquet round, reception and rectangular table use (via caterer or external vendor of licensee’s choosing).


The room rental fee includes the following standard audio-visual equipment and services:

  • One (1) podium
  • One (1) wireless or wired microphone
  • One (1) microphone table stand
  • CD/DVD player and mixer
  • Mounted LCD televisions within the reserved space
  • Services provided to include rotating graphics, presentations and in-room sound system audio (background music).

Additional audio-visual equipment and services are available for a fee (projector & screen, laptops, microphones, hard line connections, conferencing equipment, flip charts, easels, etc.). Equipment is subject to availability and must be confirmed in advance.

A University of Minnesota Athletics Department audio-visual technician is required to operate the house equipment and provide standard services for an hourly fee to include set-up and tear down. Equipment specifications are available by request.

PowerPoint presentations, video/DVD files or graphics displays must be provided at least one week (5 business days) in advance of your event. Requests received within one week of the event cannot be guaranteed. For best quality, it is strongly recommended that PowerPoint presentations and DVD programming use a wide-screen format (16:9 ratio). Please include information about presentation audio needs in advance. Ask your dedicated special events coordinator for more information about available house equipment and audio-visual services.

Freestyle Productions, Inc. has been designated as the house vendor for Gopher Sports Spaces. Audio-visual and production services that cannot be provided in-house will be arranged through Freestyle Productions, Inc. In addition, Freestyle Productions, Inc. is strongly recommended as a resource for non-standard equipment rental needs. Licensee is allowed to utilize an outside provider for additional equipment needs with prior approval. All contractors must provide required information to event personnel and adhere to the facility policies and protocols.


  • Guest Wireless Access - 512kbps bandwidth limit is available at no charge.
  • Premium Wireless - 802.11a/b/g/n standard wireless can be provided, with approval. Pre-registration is required, see your event coordinator to obtain the registration form.
  • Wired Ethernet Access - A MAC address and explanation of use is required for each computer that needs to be registered for Ethernet connection. See your event coordinator for details and to obtain the registration form.
  • Phone / Fax – A technician and line service fee will be required. Please ask your event coordinator for more information.
  • Printing / Copying – Large-scale printing and copying services are not available on-site. A fee will be charged for copy requests above 10. Black and white copies on white paper only.


Daktronics operates the 108 x 48-foot HD video board and fascia displays available for use at special events (pending availability). A usage and production fee is required. For best quality, please review the following:

  • Still Graphic – Formatted in JPEG, PSD, TARGA files, 1280 x 720 square pixels or Power Point Presentation created with a 16:9 ratio prior to placing photos/text onto the individual slides. This can be accomplished by going to “Page Setup” under the “Design” tab.
  • Background Color – If possible, avoid using a solid white background – color backgrounds tend to look the best on the large LED display.
  • Video Content – Videos over :30 seconds in length and/or includes sound, format as NTSC 720 x 486 on a playable DVD or uncompressed AVI file. Videos less than :30 seconds in length with no sound, format as 1280 x 720 as an uncompressed AVI file only.

Other services provided by Daktronics include live cameras, replay, use of client peripherals connected to video board (Wii, Blu Ray, etc.), video board operator, etc. To guarantee inclusion, content must be submitted at least five (5) business days prior to the event. Please allow a minimum of three (3) weeks lead-time if extensive graphics or programming is required. Any content provided in incorrect formats are subject to additional fees and a maximum of 25 PowerPoint slides.


Licensee shall notify Gopher Sports Spaces event representative if an excessive amount of trash may be produced during the course of the event so appropriate dumpster/trash accommodations can be made in advance, including exhibitor booth trash removal service requests. Costs may be incurred for additional trash pulls to be charged to licensee.

18. HVAC

As a LEED certified facility, TCF Bank Stadium facility management works to conserve energy with strategic use of the ventilation, heating and air-conditioning system. All Gopher Sports Spaces venues will maintain full use of the HVAC system during your event; however, minimal levels may be utilized during load-in and out.


If your event requires electrical/power needs, notification and specifications are required at least two weeks prior to the event. All usage is subject to specific terms, conditions and pricing -- ask your event representative for more details. Requests made less than 10 days prior to your event can not be guaranteed and may be subject to an additional fee.

Depending on your needs and the scope of the event, a house electrician may be required at the standard hourly rate. In addition, permits may be necessary.

Advance information and placement approval is required prior to finalizing details. Only venue personnel are authorized to access and make electrical connections/disconnections.

University Code Office and venue management reserve the right to refuse connection to any equipment that is deemed unsafe by electrical personnel. Your event coordinator and facility personnel will assist with these needs and requirements during the planning process.


Facility tours are available for an additional fee to licensee. Please ask your event representative for pricing. Tours must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks before an event and the tour route is subject to change based on the facility schedule (TCFBS locker room access limited during football season). Tour requests made within two weeks of the event are not guaranteed and will require the approval of facility personnel. Food and beverages are not permitted during tours and tours must end no later than 9:00 PM. TCF Bank Stadium tours unrelated to an event can be scheduled by calling 612.624.5283.


Licensee and University will determine the necessary services and required personnel based upon licensee’s needs and anticipated number of attendees:

  • FACILITY OPERATIONS – Facility operations staff is in charge of setup, custodial and tear down of your event. Additional services are available by request and may be required based on venue policy (e.g. booth trash, loading dock attendants, elevator operators, guest services, etc.).
  • CSC SECURITY - Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC) provides the security service for the University of Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletics Department. A security presence is required for all events where alcohol will be sold or served, outdoor / seating bowl use and events with over 300 attendees and additional events at the discretion of facility management. The number of guards depends on the scope of the event. CSC services are strongly recommended for all events and a fee will be included on your event expense estimate.
  • UMPD - Per University policy (via Office of Risk Management), the University of Minnesota Police Department maintains the right to require a uniformed police officer be present at events held on the University of Minnesota campus. The University of Minnesota Police Department will use their discretion based on the size/scope of the event. Information and fee estimates will be provided as far in advance as possible should a University Police Officer be required for your event.
  • EMERGENCY MEDICAL PERSONNEL - The University Of Minnesota Department Of Emergency Management reserves the right to require emergency medical personnel at events depending on the size/scope. Typically, this requirement begins for events with1000+ attendees. Your event coordinator will notify you in advance if this is applicable to your event.
  • TOUR GUIDES – Trained facility tour guides will provide event tours for stadium guests. The tour route and style will be determined based on the space availability, size and scope of the event.
  • HALL OF FAME (TCFBS) – Additional venue personnel may be required for requests to open the T. Denny Sanford Athletics Hall of Fame outside of daily operating hours. Your event coordinator will notify you in advance if this applies to your event.
  • UM PHOTOGRAPHER / VIDEOGRAPHER – A University photographer will be on-site to shoot photos/footage of select events. The content / photos / footage may be used for promotional and archive purposes. Your event coordinator will notify you in advance if this is applicable to your event.


TCF Bank Stadium is the first collegiate or professional football stadium in the country to achieve LEED status. TCF Bank Stadium received LEED Silver Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The LEED program certifies green building design, construction and operation. We encourage and practice various recycling and composting programs throughout the facility.


Room access may begin 3 to 6 hours prior to your event for load-in and set-up. Licensee agrees to begin the event promptly and vacate at the time shown on the contract/reservation. Additional charges may apply for extended room access needs and/or failure to comply with the confirmed schedule.

Gopher Sports Spaces are booked throughout the year for a variety of meetings, banquets, receptions, conferences, etc. — extended access needs will depend on the venue schedule.

Please work with your event coordinator to confirm access/load-in, schedule and load-out needs in advance.


Gopher Sports Spaces venues have different policies and procedures regarding loading dock and elevator use. A 24-hour security office is located on the East side of TCF Bank Stadium to monitor loading dock use and building access. Licensee may be required to utilize a service elevator operator when it is required for more than standard use. Freight and delivery contractors/employees will be allowed to unload, set-up and tear down per licensee instruction. Additional assistance required by facility personnel may result in additional charges billed to the licensee. Elevator and escalator operating hours are based on the venue event schedule. Additional information on TCF Bank Stadium, Williams Arena and Mariucci Arena loading dock and elevator usage is below:

  • TCF BANK STADIUM LOADING DOCK: The loading dock garage has two bays and a lift on the dock platform (4 ft high) available for use as necessary. Use of the loading dock must be coordinated in advance due to the daily delivery schedule. Extended parking is not permitted in the loading dock.
  • TCF BANK STADIUM SERVICE ELEVATOR DIMENSIONS - 8’ L x 5’6” W x 10’ H, entry 4’ wide. This elevator is located on the East end of the stadium near the loading dock and is the only elevator designated for load-in/out needs.
  • TCF BANK STADIUM ELEVATOR RESTRICTIONS – The maximum load capacity is 4,000 lbs. Pallet jacks use on elevators must be approved by facility management in advance. Elevator plates are required for loads over 1,000 lbs (provided by facility). USE OF PUBLIC ELEVATORS IS NOT PERMITTED FOR LOAD-IN/OUT.
  • USE OF CARTS – TCF BANK STADIUM - The use of carts is prohibited in the public elevators. Should your event require the use of a cart, we ask that you coordinate load in/out with your event coordinator on service elevators.
  • WILLIAMS ARENA/SPORTS PAVILION LOADING DOCK: The loading dock is located on the South side of the Sports Pavilion along University Avenue SE. Use of the loading dock must be coordinated in advance due to the daily delivery schedule and coded entry. Williams Arena & the Sports Pavilion do not have a dock leveler or fork lift – any trucks carrying heavy packages and/or pallets must have a lift gate. Extended parking is not permitted in the loading dock/receiving area. No service elevators are available at this facility.
  • MARIUCCI ARENA LOADING DOCK/SERVICE ELEVATOR: The loading dock is located on the North side of the arena along 5th Street SE. Use of the loading dock must be coordinated in advance due to the daily delivery schedule and coded entry. Extended parking is not permitted in the loading dock/receiving area. The Mariucci Arena service elevator dimensions are – 6’ W x 7.5’ L x 9’ H and is located on the North side of the building.

Electric forklift or other delivery/set-up handling assistance needs must be requested in advance. Additional labor charges may apply. Please ask your event representative for more information on loading dock and service elevator policies for your load-in/out needs.


Shipment of materials and/or equipment to venue prior to your event must receive prior approval and acknowledgment from the Gopher Sports Spaces office. Packages will not be accepted more than three (3) business days prior to your event. Approval is subject to facility schedule. Please review and adhere to the following instructions to guarantee acceptance of all package deliveries (drayage services not provided by venue):

  • All delivery plans related to your event must be communicated in advance to guarantee delivery acceptance. Please coordinate and confirm this information with the Gopher Sports Spaces office at least two (2) weeks in advance of your event.
  • Package labels must include the following information:
    • Venue Name (e.g. TCF Bank Stadium)
    • Attn: Name of your event coordinator or venue contact
    • Event Name / Space / Date (e.g. TCF Bank Stadium Meeting / DQ Club Room / January 1, 2011)
    • Name of Person Receiving Package (event contact)
    • Box/package numbers (e.g. 1 of 5)
    • Venue Address, City, State, Zip

Once the package is delivered, your special event representative will be notified and the item will be moved to the appropriate location.

Facility storage space is limited and may not accommodate large amounts of materials. Prior approval for package shipments is required. All packages and boxes must be properly disposed of and all remaining items must be loaded out immediately following your event.

Arrangements for vendor/exhibitor post-event shipments must be made in advance directly by the licensee or respective vendor/exhibitor. The shipments must be pre-labeled and scheduled for pick-up immediately after the event or the following business day.

Shipment materials must be placed on the loading dock by licensee or vendor following the event. Facility will not be responsible for lost, stolen or undelivered items.


University of Minnesota Parking & Transportation Services manages and operates surrounding campus parking facilities and lots. Licensee will have the option of general parking (guests pay), reserved parking (licensee pays for guests) or purchasing coupons in advance (licensee pays for guests, but spots are not guaranteed in the lot). Your Gopher Sports Spaces representative will confirm options for you upon request. Currently, valet service is not available.

General event parking rates range from $4.00 to $10.00. A $1.00 convenience fee is added per parking spot for reservations. Cash is accepted at all University public parking facilities. Credit cards – Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover – are accepted at any hourly facility except when event rates are in effect. Complimentary campus parking is not available and vehicles are not allowed re-entry. Visits to the venue prior to, on or after event day must consider parking needs. Parking/route suggestions, directions and maps are available upon request.

One or more of the following parking lots and ramps will be confirmed for your event based on attendee parking needs, venue location, availability and lot/ramp capacity:


  • Maroon Lot – 2010 6th St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, NW corner of TCF Bank Stadium – Oak St. and 6th St. SE
  • Gateway Lot – 2340 4th St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455
  • Gopher Lot – 2221 University Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, SE corner of TCF Bank Stadium, SE 23rd Ave. and University Ave.
  • Minnesota Lot – 420 25th Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, across from East end of stadium
  • Gold Lot - 2210 6th St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, NE corner of TCF Bank Stadium-SE 23rd Ave. and 6th St. SE
  • Lot 33 – 1718 5th St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, corner of 5th St. SE and Oak St.
  • Lot 37 – 1811 5th St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, across from Mariucci Arena
  • C-58 - 320 18th Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, corner of 4th St. SE and 18th Ave. SE
  • Ski-U-Mah Lot - 2210 6th St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, corner of SE 23rd Ave. and 6th St. SE
  • Victory Lot - 2302 6th St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455


  • University Avenue Ramp – 1926 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, across from Williams Arena – University Ave and Walnut St
  • 4th Street Ramp - 1625 4th St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, corner of 4th St. SE and 17th Ave. SE (entrance on 17th Ave. SE)
  • Washington Avenue Ramp - 501 Washington Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, corner of Washington Ave. SE and Union St. SE (entrance on Union)
  • Oak Street Ramp - 401 Oak St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, corner of Oak Ave. SE/Washington Ave. SE (entrance on Oak or Ontario St. SE)


Signed disability parking spaces can be found in all public/visitor parking facilities at the posted rate. You may park free at campus meters and signed on-street locations for a maximum of three hours. After three hours, meter patrons must either relocate their vehicle or pay the posted meter rate. Check with your event representative for an updated parking map or for additional information.

A state-issued disability permit or license plate is required to use these spaces. To apply for a disability permit, call the State of Minnesota at 651-296-6911 or University Disability Services at 612-624-4037.


The University of Minnesota, in conjunction with the Metropolitan Council, has begun construction of a light rail transit line that will service the Twin Cities campus. The Central Corridor line will run along Washington and University Avenues as it connects downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul. At the east edge of campus, the Stadium Village station will serve the Biomedical Discovery District, local businesses, and visitors of Gopher Sports venues, including the TCF Bank Stadium. Your special event representative will work with you to plan transportation routes and parking accommodations for your guests.


Parking options will be impacted if your event occurs during the Minnesota State Fair - typically scheduled during the last week of August through the first week of September (Labor Day). Your special events representative will provide confirmed parking locations.


  • The general parking line for emergency or after-hours needs is 612.626.PARK (7275).
  • Bus parking is available and must be coordinated in advance with your special events representative. The primary bus parking location is on the corner of 6th Street and 23rd Avenue SE surrounding the Ski-U-Mah parking lot.
  • Vehicle / shuttle drop-off and pick-up locations can be arranged with your special event representative.
  • Over-sized trailer / vehicle parking accommodations and promenade vehicle displays must be coordinated in advance with your special events representative.
  • All event-related vendors and contractors must obtain valid parking tags for load-in / out needs to avoid parking tickets or towing. Call University of Minnesota Parking and Transportation Services at 612.626.7606 to discuss options and fees.
  • Helpful parking & transportation links:
    • Campus calendar – www1.umn.edu/pts/events/index.html
    • Traffic updates – www.dot.state.mn.us/tmc/trafficinfo/traffic.html
    • Light rail construction - http://lightrail.umn.edu/index_construction.html


  • TCF Bank Stadium – 420 SE 23rd Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55455
  • Northbound on I-35W – Take 35W North to Exit 23A and merge onto 280 S. Keep right at fork and merge onto I-94W. Exit onto Huron Blvd. and turn right. Continue on Huron as it turns into 23rd Ave SE.
  • Southbound on I-35W - Take 35W South to Exit 16B and merge onto I-94E. Exit onto Huron Blvd. Continue driving South down Huron as it turns into 23rd Ave SE.
  • Westbound on I-94 - Traveling on I-94W, exit onto Huron Blvd. and turn right. Continue on Huron as it turns into 23rd Ave SE.
  • Eastbound on I-94 - Traveling on I-94E, exit onto Huron Blvd. Continue driving South down Huron as it turns into 23rd Ave SE.
  • Mariucci Arena – 1901 4th Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455
    • Northbound on I-35W – Take 35W North to Exit 18 for University Ave. toward 4th St. SE. Turn right onto SE University Ave. Turn left onto 15th Ave. SE, then turn right onto 5th St. SE.
    • Southbound on I-35W – Take 35W South to Exit 18 for 4th St. SE toward University Ave. Turn left onto SE University Ave. Turn left onto 15th Ave. SE, then turn right onto 5th St. SE.
    • Westbound on I-94 - Traveling on I-94W, exit onto Huron Blvd. and turn right. Turn left onto SE University Ave. and follow the curve right onto Oak St. SE and take the first right to stay on Oak St. SE.
    • Eastbound on I-94 - Traveling on I-94E, exit onto Huron Blvd. Turn left onto SE University Ave. and follow the curve right onto Oak St. SE and take the first right to stay on Oak St. SE.
  • Williams / Sports Pavilion – 1925 University Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55455
    • Northbound on I-35W – Take 35W North to Exit 18 for University Ave. toward 4th St. SE. Turn right onto SE University Ave.
    • Southbound on I-35W – Take 35W South to Exit 18 for 4th St. SE toward University Ave. Turn left onto SE University Ave.
    • Westbound on I-94 - Traveling on I-94W, exit onto Huron Blvd. and turn right. Turn left onto SE University Ave.
    • Eastbound on I-94 - Traveling on I-94E, exit onto Huron Blvd. Turn left onto SE University Ave.

27. ADA

All Gopher Sports Spaces venues meet both federal and state accessibility requirements governing assembly occupancies. If your event requires additional needs for guests with disabilities, please contact your event coordinator in advance to request accommodations.


Service animals are welcome in all Gopher Sports Spaces. Please request any special needs in advance.


Property found and turned in following your event will be recorded and stored in the facility operations office. Please contact your event coordinator to inquire about lost items.


There is no smoking inside or within 20 feet of University of Minnesota facilities.


Licensee, service contractors, event producers, vendors and exhibitors must comply with all applicable federal, state and municipal fire codes, OSHA regulations and all other applicable laws and regulations.


Each Gopher Sports Spaces venue has trained facility personnel on-hand to act in case of an emergency (inclement weather, medical, etc.). Please report all emergencies directly to the facility event personnel. Your on-site supervisor will be in close communication throughout the event should any emergency situation arise during your event. Please check with your event coordinator for more information prior to your event.


We strive to continually improve and provide a superior experience for our guests. You may receive a request to complete a brief survey post-event; we thank you in advance for your feedback.

Interested in hosting another event? Ask about the Gopher Sports Spaces referral program!

Thanks again for choosing Gopher Sports Spaces! We look forward to your event!

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